Annual Socials


The ball is our most highly anticipated event of the year, being a magical night filled with food, entertainment and dancing. Each year entails a different theme, from ‘Neverland’  to ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

The first years camp is a weekend getaway for students entering their first year of a business degree. It’s a great opportunity for them to get to know their cohort and settle into uni-life to kick-off their first semester.

Who could say no to a cruise around the Sydney Harbour with drinks, music and friends. This annual event takes place during first semester as students wind down from mid-semester exams.

The back-to-semester party throws students right back into the swing of uni-life after the mid-year break. In 2017 we collaborated with UNSW for our first ever inter-uni party.

Occurring all throughout semester 1, our weekly meet-ups allow students (particularly first-years) to form friendships outside of lectures and tutorials.