Humans of SUBS | #2

Episode 2 brings you the rose-coloured campus life that we all secretly yearn for.

“We first met in high school at one of my friend’s 18th birthday party, and then we kind of got to know each other more and more at Macquarie library where we studied together. I helped her with maths sometimes, like 2 Unit maths, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t need it, she just kept coming to me. I ended up asking her out the day HSC finished. It was at one of those big grad parties. The most romantic moment in our relationship was when we were in Japan and we got stuck out in a really heavy snow storm. All the trains, buses and taxis weren’t operating so there was no transport home for us. We ended up taking 2 hours to walk home in the snow for what should have been a 20-minute walk because we got lost, my phone ran out of battery and my SIM card didn’t work. We were just playing in the snow and running around, it was probably the most memorable moment in our relationship. At the time, it was freezing, it didn’t seem like we were having fun, but looking back on it now, it was one of the best times.”

We all know that true romance blossoms from 2 Unit Maths.


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