Humans of SUBS | #1


Welcome to the kickstart post for the new Humans of SUBS initiative! Enjoy!

“One thing I am proud of is choosing to leave my home country to study here at the University of Sydney Business School. It has been an amazing experience, but it has also been extremely emotional since I miss my parents all the time. I think today has been particularly hard as it’s actually my birthday! I just got off the phone with my parents and told them that I was tired, had a lot of deadlines coming up, and was extremely stressed with exams. Their response was “Don’t worry, no matter the grade, we are already so proud of you and believe in you” and that made me really emotional. I think that’s what I love most about my parents, that every time I feel stressed or overwhelmed here in Australia, I always have them to talk to and assure me that everything will be okay which really helps. They tell me all the time that no matter what, they just want me to be happy and healthy…and also to find a man.” 



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