The Sydney University Business Society not only focuses on helping students grow personally, but in creating opportunities for its members to develop professionally. SUBS aims to break down barriers by functioning as the fundamental bridge that brings together our 8000 students with leading professionals and top graduate employers.

From our High Achievers Breakfast that provides an exclusive opportunity for students to personally network with industry professionals from all different industries, to partnering with top firms to create stimulating case competitions, SUBS creates an avenue for both our students and corporate sponsors to connect with one another.

It is these network of events that are specifically designed to create opportunities and benefits for both parties, whether that be providing students with valuable insights into potential career avenues or facilitating a platform for top firms to promote exciting opportunities.

SUBS aims to close the gap in terms of helping students transition from university life into the unfamiliar that is the professional world. Through the facilitation of career workshops, students can develop soft skills to ultimately develop truly employable business students that are job-ready as soon as they graduate.

Although SUBS plans and presents a huge number of experiences, ranging from our sports teams to our professional and social events, the core message that SUBS is an inclusive society for all individuals is at the heart of what we do. Making the university experience as memorable and character-building as possible is our core objective, and what we hope our events manage to achieve.

No matter what you want to get out of university, we believe we can provide you with the support and tools to achieve that. If you don’t think we do, tell us! We would love to hear from you and any ideas you may have to help make SUBS a better environment for all students.